How to reduce your tummy side when you are post menopausal


After menopause, the whole body receives a “shock” meaning that many complications may commence such as:

≈ Early effects – Hot flashes

≈ Psychological effects – Depression

≈ Later effects – Osteoporosis

≈ Physical effects – Painful intercourse and weight gain.

As women grow older they tend to lose their “rounded apple” shape where the body shape was well balanced to a “pear” shape where all the weight began accumulating in their abdomen. A factor of this abdominal weight gain is menopause. Fewer hormones are produced, metabolism slows down and fats are not easily broken down so they are stored in body tissues.

Many women find this displeasing and unsightly and their main question is “How do I get rid of my tummy fat?” I’ve seen many women turn to strict diets, very rigorous exercises or surgical procedures. What may work for one person, may not work for the other and while one may have side effects, one may not. Trying to lose weight is always a risk. It’s not what you do but how you go about doing it that counts.

Here are some healthy ways to lose belly fat. They may sound cliché but they are the better methods of losing weight and more or likely will not cause harmful side effects later on in your life.

Don’t be afraid…get the size of the tummy.

1. Decide whether or not you have an excess of weight in your abdomen. Measure your waist with a tape measure just at the navel. No cheating now… don’t suck your tummy all the way in to make it look smaller. Take the exact measurement; one of 33 inches or more is a cause for concern.

2. High yah! Show that belly fat your karate moves!

Exercise, exercise. This cannot be emphasized enough. When I say exercise I don’t mean sit ups those don’t help you at all! Visit this link to learn more about abdominal exercises th/medical/IM02976. You can also incorporate weight lifting into your daily exercise which will help to burn calories in the body. Before any type of exercise you should consult your doctor first to ascertain whether or not you can handle the physical stress of exercising.

3. Tuck into your healthy foods

Avoid foods that are processed and contain excess animal fats. Eat more foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids and proteins such as cold-water fish (tuna and salmon). Eat more fruits and vegetables whether it is the fruit or real fruit juices you’ll be getting vitamins and minerals. All these will contribute to breaking down the extra fat.

4.You have no time for stress

Although it may seem hard to do sometimes, finding time to “de-stress” yourself is very important. Research has shown that when the body is under stress the hormone cortisol is released. When this hormone reaches the abdomen, fat begins to settle. To prevent this, take time to relieve yourself of stress. Talk to friends, go for walks, enjoy yourself, laugh and laugh a lot. Remember that laughing is good for the soul!

5.Don’t give up

You will not see the desired effect as quickly as the lightning flashes. Patience is the key word when one is trying to lose weight. If you follow the guidelines above and are disciplined enough you will certainly succeed in your weight loss plan. Don’t place added stress on yourself by worrying about weight stalls. Give your body time to adjust and to get rid of the fat. Remember, don’t worry you’ll be back to an “apple” soon!

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