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How to Remove Post Pregnancy Tummy Fat

Are you feeling lost when it comes to losing your tummy fat, and are you fed up that you can’t seem to lose weight? Diets don’t work for a variety of reasons such as being too restrictive on what you can eat, limiting too much of your daily carbohydrate intake, or forcing you to eat foods that you do not enjoy.

There are four main things when it comes to losing fat…

1. Diet

To burn fat and trim tummy fat, you need a good diet – a diet that will naturally increase your metabolism that is not too restrictive, and at the same time creates a slight calorie deficit that allows for weight loss. Take a step back and evaluate how good your current diet is. Are you eating the right foods? Are your calories coming from healthy sources? Are you eating enough meals each day, or are you skipping meals?

2. Metabolism

To get rid of tummy fat and body fat, you need to speed up your metabolism. The tough part about it is that as you diet, and reduce your weight, your metabolism tends to naturally adjust downwards to match your reduced body weight, making it more difficult to burn off additional fat.

To keep your metabolism speed at optimum levels you need to stay hydrated well. Studies show that when you’re dehydrated, your metabolism slows down. To know how the exact amount of liquids your body needs everyday use the equation found here.

Drinking green tea after each meal has also proven to help burn off calories faster.

You can calculate your metabolism speed by using a BMR calculator. In fact, here’s a list of 9 things that will help speed up your metabolism and a BMR calculator.

3. Add Muscle

Try to increase your lean muscle mass – the more lean muscle you carry, the more calories you burn. You will have a faster metabolism, and will have an easier time getting rid of your tummy fat. Split up your daily calorie intake over 5 to 6 small meals. Eating frequent meals throughout the day increases your natural metabolism and gives your muscles a constant flow of protein throughout the day.

The more you weigh, the more calories you can eat. Try your best to increase your weight by increasing muscle mass rather than body fat, as that is much more healthier. Try and to do at least 3 strength or power workout sessions per week. Here’s a video with 30 exercises you can do.

4. Cardio

Short, but intense cardio workouts burn less calories for the workout session, but will increase your metabolism for hours after you are finished, resulting in more calories burned. The best way to burn fat is not just with cardio exercises and dieting – you need a good combination of strength workouts, intense cardio sessions, and a good diet with a slight caloric deficit to induce fat loss. Only by losing body fat overall, will you be able to remove tummy fat.

If you don’t know what cardio is then check out this video to see the types of cardio you can do.

There are also other methods that can help you increase your metabolism and burn fat. Dieting methods such as calorie shifting can also help you burn fat and decrease tummy fat. Calorie shifting is a dieting method that aims to help you maintain a higher metabolism where you constantly increase or decrease the amount of calories you consume each day to keep your body guessing on how much calories it expects to get. Fat Loss for Idiots is a diet plan that’s based on the calorie shifting principle, and many users have found success with it for fat loss and getting rid of tummy fat.

Learn how you can achieve true diet and weight loss success with the Fat Loss for Idiots Diet Plan, and lose your body fat and burn off tummy fat for good.

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