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Buying Baby Clothes: 8 Tips Every Mother Should Know

Deciding on baby’s clothes is a part of the preparation for the coming of a new member in the family. It is also one of the parts that are easier said than done. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time mom or not. Buying baby clothes is part and parcel of parenthood. A study conducted by Lakeshore Shopping Center shows that 94% of mothers spend more on their kid’s wardrobe than for themselves. This shows how much importance is attached to buying baby clothes.

But before you grab the first piece you come across, there are certain things you need to keep in mind

  1. Comfort: The first thing to do is to ask yourself whether the wardrobe you are looking at can offer your baby the highest level of comfort. Ideally speaking the baby should neither feel too cold nor too hot after wearing the dress. It should be soft and comfortable for the baby skin.
  2. Easy to wear: Since newborn babies are sleeping most of the time, the dress you select for them should be easy to wear and remove. Avoid dresses with lot of buttons and zips and complicated patterns. You should be able to pull out the dress easily in case of diaper blowouts.
  3. Texture: Avoid buying synthetic clothes for babies as they can be harsh on their delicate skin. It is ideal to buy clothes made of soft cotton as they are not only skin friendly but also easy to wash. If you can afford organic clothes, you can go for that as well.
  4. Safety: This is another very important aspect to consider while selecting baby dresses. Avoid dresses with accessories like bows, clips and buttons as they pose choking hazard. Similarly, dresses with drawstring on neck and waistbands can result in strangulation hazard. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued guidelines in this respect and as a result most of the children’s dress are now manufactured without drawstrings.
  5. Weather condition: The season when your baby is going to be born is a factor you need to consider seriously. You don’t want to buy a sweater for your baby if you know you are due on the summer. Hence select the cloth depending on the season.
  6. Size: This is another important factor to consider while purchasing baby cloth. The size should neither be too small that it inhibits the baby’s free movement nor should be too big that the baby trips and fall. Always consider the baby’s height and weight while buying clothes.
  7. Number: First time mothers normally end up buying a lot of clothes for their new born. This is not required as the baby outgrows the size very fast. If you think the baby might soil the clothes, then buy lot of accessories like bibs and napkins.
  8. Branded wear: When it comes to branded wear, avoid purchasing the same on a regular basis as the baby outgrows the dress very fast. You can reserve such purchase for special occasions like birthday, baptism and other parties.

Considering the above tips will ensure that you not only buy the right product for the money spent but also get the best product for your baby.

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